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Programming, analytical models and data visualization

Cloud work

See google cloud text analysis program

Google cloud programming

This Google Cloud application I wrote is a Docker app that can be run as a CloudRun service. It will authenticate to one's Google services (GMail or Google Drive) and read a series of documents/emails you specify. It will then conduct a text analysis and cluster the documents into thematic groups. The program generates a series of detailed visualizations and data files that can be downloaded and used for further analysis.

Telecommunications patents

Data analysis: telecommunications patents

This is a small part of an old research project. Here, I examine and visualize telecommunications patents from the USPTO. This is interesting because it shows the growth of international players, especially the Chinese (Huawei, in particular) over the past 15 years. 

Huawei topic modelling

Topic modeling using BERTopic deep learning

This page gives a high level overview of a recent project that involved using BERTopic to analyze large amounts of social media data.

See the overview page here.

IO Table

This shows the economic relationships between different industries in New Zealand and China. The Power BI visualization allows for dynamic exploration of the graph.

Power BI - Data viz

I often work with networks. I thought it would be fun to create a dynamic visualization of the economic relationships between industries in New Zealand and China. The visualization uses OECD data from the international input output tables to show those ties. 

You can see the dynamic visualization and read more about my process here.

Python machine learning

Python for machine learning

Jupyter notebooks are a popular way to experiment with data and present results to business stakeholders. These two examples show how I used modern machine learning techniques for predictive analytics. In these Coursera examples, I use logistic regression, xgboost and random forest models to model two different example problems:

1) Gaining insight into employee turnover and predicting workers most at risk of leaving the company.

2) Determining which customers are more likely to stop using the Waze driving application.  

Missle command clone

Invasion earth

Fun with Javascript

This is a fun missile-command clone I whipped up in a couple of hours programming with ChatGPT. 
Give it a try. (Opens a new window)

The images were done for free using free prompt-driven AI web sites.


Contact: Jon MacKay