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Topic Modeling with Google CloudRun

Project using BERTopic, Docker, Flask and Google Cloud services like CloudRun to read text data from GMail and Google Drive.

Easy and simple

The interface for the web application simply asks the user to tag the emails they are interested in. The next step is authentication to verify that they will allow my application to process their documents.

Flexible content

The CloudRun application asks for access to GMail or Google Drive. It then uploads the contents for processing using BERTopic.

Custom parsers

In my example, I parse data from the IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals).

Text blocks

My custom IAPP text filter ignores ads and examines only the separate paragraphs. The results show topic clusters showing how documents are related and how they appear over time. See the video below for more details!

See the final data visualizations!

Contact: Jon MacKay